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A Mobile Hotel Front Office PMS

The traditional hotel management software has evolved

Mobile has changed everything

Companies like Apple and Nordstrom have proven that mobile service is a competitive differentiator. An empowered, mobile staff using intuitive hotel management software removes barriers and services guests where they are anytime. Be ready to reap the benefits of advanced hotel software:
  • 10% to 20% Increase in Revenue
  • 20% to 30% Cost Savings
  • Increased Guest Service (Choice)
  • Increased Staff Efficiency

Introducing Rover.

Our hotel management software is available as your new PMS or an Overlay to your existing PMS.


Front Desk includes Check In/Out, Upgrades, Post Charges, Folios, Key Encoding, Alerts & more *Some features of the hotel management software only available in Full PMS.

Rate Management includes Remote Instant Rate & Restriction Updates, Derived Rates, Channel Manager, Single and Bulk Rate Close-outs, Percentage and flat rate adjustments *Some features of the hotel management software only available in Full PMS.

Group Management includes Group Check-in, Check-Out, Post, Flexible Hold Status, Rooming List, Release Dates, On-the-fly Rate *Some features of the hotel management software only available in Full PMS.

Reservations include Booking Engine, Deposit Schedules, PCI Compliant, 100% Tokenized, EMV Ready, Mobile Dashboards, Travel Agent Accounting, Direct Bill, Digital Signature Capture, Guest Profiles *Some features of the hotel management software only available in Full PMS.

Housekeeping includes Work Management, Remote & Instant Room Status Updates, Rooms display Filter, Update status/condition *Some features of the hotel management software only available in Full PMS.

Rover PMS Hotel management software financials include Account Management, Simple A/R, Daily Journal, Mobile Reports *Some features of the hotel management software only available in Full PMS.

The Mobile PMS Engagement Guide

  • How to Think About Your Mobile PMS
  • SaaS-Instant Activation
  • The Differences in Deployment Between a Cloud-based PMS and a Legacy PMS
  • Your Deployment Timeline
  • Client Support Tools
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Easy Integrations...​

Hotel IT staff have a myriad of new tech and distribution opportunities from which to choose. But the fruits of these new services can only be enjoyed if your PMS hotel management software can interface with them.
Rover is designed for today’s technology reality – from web booking APIs to channel management software, if you have a technology partner, Rover can connect to it.

...Easier Pricing.​

Ready for a breath of fresh air? Simple monthly pricing. For example, interfaces are included. StayNTouch hotel management software not only makes your PMS easy to use, it makes paying for the PMS easy to bear.

Combined with the lightning fast set-up and minimal training, we make the upgrade to your new PMS totally painless.

Your PMS Hotel Management Software is now a money-maker.

A PMS will help with operational efficiencies, but until now, your PMS was never working to actually drive revenue for you.

Rover does. Upgrades and dynamic packages are built directly into the Rover interface. Staff won’t need a script to remember to up-sell. And the same prompts are built into all Zest consumer interfaces as well.

Rover is not just a PMS. It is your new revenue channel.

The benefits of good design.​

  • Up to 80% reduction in training compared to other hotel management software
  • Staff simply know how to use it
  • A design that pushes upgrades
  • Guest/Group Check-Ins… Anywhere
  • Reduce Front Desk Lines
  • Improved Guest Engagement
  • Why settle for complicated, hard-to-use software hotel management software?
  • Daily at-a-glance status upon sign in

Hotel Management Software
Hotel Front Office PMS

Learn more about Rover.
Our hotel management software can help free up the front of house to bring more efficiency to your hotel management. Try it today.


We live in a decentralized time, with nomadic people traveling for cyber jobs and working, booking hotels, and checking into flights via their mobile devices. Still, countless hours are lost at hotels around the world as hotel staff have to relay information back and forth via a single conduit at the front desk.

Shouldn’t your front desk get on the same page as the clients they are trying to help? A mobile-enabled hotel management software frees up your staff to work on the problems that need solving and not the ones created by outdated tech.

Rover Hotel Management Software

That’s where Rover comes in. Our hotel front office software was built with the needs of 21st century guests and staff in mind. As such, it operates on the smartphones and tablets your team already own. This untethered take on property management leads to near-instant boosts in efficiency as well as a significant cost savings.

We know that time is of the essence. That’s why we built a system that uses it in the wisest possible manner, providing instant updates and easy-to-read reports within an intuitive interface that takes little to no training to learn.

A Mobile Front Office PMS

Our hotel management software removes restrictions on your staff to allow them to work toward improving the experience of your guests. Plus, it makes the upsell process all the more intuitive with built-in prompts. Drive sales and reduce costs with a hotel room management software made with the future in mind.

See How A Mobile PMS Cuts Costs, Increases Revenue & Improves Guest Service In Hotels Like Yours.

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