What’s New in Stayntouch PMS | v5.49

A quick dive into Product Release v5.49 and how it can help you deliver an enhanced hospitality experience.

At Stayntouch, we believe that technology exists to unburden every facet of hospitality, from running a sustainable business, to empowering staff, to revitalizing the guest experience. That’s why we regularly release comprehensive product updates at no additional cost to our customers. This month, Product Release v5.49 delivers a variety of improvements to streamline your hotel’s operations, and improve budgets and reports. Some of the more salient improvements include:

An Easier Way To Import Budgets

As part of our ongoing effort to empower staff and unburden the administrative processes of running a hotel, we’ve made it easier for Accounts Receivables to import their upcoming budgets. Now, in addition to being able to add budgets manually via market and charge codes, you can also import monthly and daily budgets via a CSV file. This not only makes it easier to import detailed budgets for many months into the future, but it also increases the system’s flexibility since CSV files enjoy universal compatibility with almost all operating systems. 

Now We Have a Connecting Room Indicator

Our new connecting room indicator is another way to unburden and streamline the check-in process. Marking a room as a connecting room will affect its status in both the nightly and hourly Room Diary, as well as the Room Assignment and Room Status screens. This can greatly aid room assignments, since hotel staff can quickly assign rooms that aren’t connected first, leaving the connected rooms for families or groups that might need them. 

Streamlining Reservation & Group Status Indicators

Efficient back-of-the-house operations depend on expanding the situational awareness of every staff member on your team. Mistakenly sending an attendant to a room with a canceled or no-show reservation, for example, could wind up delaying the fulfillment of a request for an actual guest, or reduce the team’s productivity overall.  To prevent this from happening, we’ve just added Reservation & Group Status Indicators to all actions in the Actions Manager and Actions Manager Report. Now, staff will be immediately notified of any actions that are attached to reservations which are canceled, on hold, or no-show, thus saving your staff valuable time and resources and increasing their efficiency.  

What Else is New in v5.49

Our latest version features a number of additional updates, including:

  • Group ProForma Invoice Improvements 一 ProForma invoices that track future group transactions can now be recorded individually for each occupancy type linked to the group.
  • Improved Bill Balance Display 一 Bill balance will now be updated instantly once the charge is posted to the guest bill. This will save time, since there is no need to refresh the bill balance screen to see updated balances.
  • Group Allowances 一 Now, Group Allowances will display the guest’s name and room number on consumed charges. 

Improvements to Reports

  • Suite Rooms show on Rate & Restrictions Report
  • Country Column added to Yearly Tax Report
  • Room Number added to Reservations by User Report
  • Tax Exempt Type added to Custom Exports Stays Database

Integration Updates: 

  • CRS: Take Origin from Rate Plan 一 Now, whenever a reservation is downloaded from a CRS, the value of the origin is picked up from the assigned rate plan, allowing for more accurate revenue planning and analysis.
  • IDeaS G3 Inventory Sync 一 For the IDeaS G3 / Stayntouch PMS integration, you can now perform an inventory sync for up to 31 days at a time. 
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