Oaky and Stayntouch Enhance Integration to Enable Automated Upselling for US and EU Hoteliers

Empowering hotels with next-generation upselling and guest-facing solutions: Oaky and Stayntouch revolutionize revenue optimization and elevate the guest experience.

Oaky, the hyper-personalized hotel upselling solution, is excited to announce its integration with Stayntouch, a leader in providing cloud-based hotel property management systems (PMS) and guest-centric technology. Building upon their successful one-way integration, Oaky and Stayntouch now release a robust two-way connection, letting hotels across the globe, and in the US market specifically, unlock more benefits of automated upselling, driving increased revenue and enhancing the guest experience.  

By partnering up with Stayntouch, a prominent leader in the US hospitality market, known for its successful alliances with industry leaders like – Sage Hospitality, Pacifica Hotels, HEI Hotels & Resorts, and the iconic TWA Hotel – Oaky strengthens its presence in North America. For Stayntouch, a collaboration with Oaky means more exposure in the European market, where Oaky has established itself as a strong leader in hotel upselling. Together, Oaky and Stayntouch are poised to deliver innovative solutions that optimize revenue and enhance guest experiences.

The two tech providers represent an ideal match, as their shared commitment to enhancing the guest experience is evident in their respective solutions. Oaky redefines the guest journey with its seamless and user-friendly upselling features, while Stayntouch pioneers operations technology with advanced automation, easy and intuitive design, and seamless connectivity. This synergy between Oaky and Stayntouch ensures that guests staying at innovative hotels can enjoy an exceptional experience as both companies work harmoniously to elevate the guest’s journey to new heights.

“We are thrilled to announce the integration of Oaky and Stayntouch, a game-changing collaboration that revolutionizes upselling and guest experiences for all innovative hoteliers,” said Clément Dénarié, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances at Oaky. “Working closely with Stayntouch, we have seamlessly combined our expertise to empower hotels with comprehensive upselling capabilities. By combining Oaky’s leading upselling platform with the Stayntouch innovative PMS, we are taking revenue optimization and guest interactions to the next level.”

Reid Webster, Stayntouch’s VP of Strategic Growth, comments, “We are very excited to be partnering with Oaky. Mobile flexibility is a key feature of our cloud PMS, allowing our clients to deliver convenient and personalized experiences to their guests from check-in to departure. Our seamless integration with Oaky greatly enhances our existing mobile upselling capability by allowing our clients to send highly targeted offers to their guests, while also boosting successful upsells among front-desk staff.”

The integration between Oaky and Stayntouch marks an exciting chapter in the hospitality industry, as it brings together cutting-edge technologies and guest-centric approaches to elevate the guest experience to new heights. Guest-obsessed hotels can now look forward to an enhanced upselling process, increased revenue potential, and greater guest satisfaction.

About Stayntouch
Stayntouch delivers a cloud-native and guest-centric hotel property management system (PMS) with a comprehensive library of over 1,100 integrations. Stayntouch’s cloud-native PMS empowers independent hotels, hotel groups, and management companies to drive revenue, reduce costs, enhance service, and captivate their guests. In 2022, Stayntouch launched Stayntouch 2.0, a fully integrated technology suite featuring its core cloud-native PMS and guest kiosk solution, a comprehensive chain management module, a seamless booking engine (Stayntouch Booking), a robust payment processing platform (Stayntouch Pay), and a powerful channel manager. Stayntouch 2.0 enables hotels to streamline their operations, maximize and diversify their revenue streams, and deliver an even more enhanced guest experience with the innovation and support of one trusted technology partner. Stayntouch is supported by a team of professionals with deep roots in the hospitality industry and is a trusted partner to industry-leading management companies, including Sage Hospitality, HEI Hotels & Resorts, and EOS Hospitality, innovative independent brands such as Village Hotels, Pod Hotels, and First Hotels, and iconic flagship properties such as the TWA Hotel, Showboat Hotel Atlantic City, and Zoku Amsterdam. 

About Oaky
Oaky is an upselling software that helps hotels boost their revenue by offering relevant upgrades & services to their guests throughout the whole guest journey. With automation, segmentation & dynamic pricing, it maximizes the average spend per guest and removes manual work. Oaky has been recognised as the Best Upselling Software by Hotel Tech Report for 6 years in a row and is trusted by hotels, groups and chains across the globe, including the Curator Hotel and Resort Collection, Hard Rock Hotels & MCR Hotels.

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