September 21 2012
Posted in: Mobile PMS

The “touch” (i)n stayNtouch

The “touch” in stayNtouch has 2 meanings. The first one is an old and very popular term in the hospitality business.. and it is about loyalty towards the guest. Hotels want to stay in touch with their guest and go through great expense to do so. Having a loyal guest, who is staying on a regular basis helps hotels to achieve the desired occupancy. Most loyalty today is achieved through the countless membership and loyalty programs available today. Their message is becoming some what old, and very few of them have figured out how to bake the social engagement buzz into it.

Another part of the stay in touch is the actual opportunities offered to “stay in touch” with the guest while he or she is staying at the hotel, especially with the mobile “touch” devices such as the iPad and other tablets.. hotels can now serve and be in touch with their guests at the point of service.

I will be writing about many  “in touch” & “and touch” ideas, opportunities and possibilities that will help improve service, social engagement and loyalty for both the guests and the hotels they stay in.