October 04 2012
Posted in: Self service

Smartphone “Wants to” stayNtouch!

Wow… from zero to 114 million in less than 5 years! That’s the number of Americans now using a smartphone, 33% of the entire US population and roughly 46% of those older than 21 (and therefore having the potential to book their own stay, and be a guest in your hotel). Thinking a little further, this means that today roughly  46% of your guests will want to use their smartphone while in a hotel. Remember… only 5 years ago this was zero, if the same trend continues in less than 5 years (by 2017) 100% of your guests will come to your hotel with a smartphone.

That smartphone (or really it’s owner) will want to stay in touch with the hotel, they’ll want to use it to make a reservation, check in, review their loyalty points, order room service they’ll want to adjust their stay all from their own smart touch device!

Hoteliers need to become “smart about the mobile “phone”! Guests will expect self service available to them!