How SaaS Property Management Software Enhances Hotel Operations

In recent posts we’ve touched on and discussed the substantial soft and hard cost savings SaaS solutions can deliver. And while one of the main attractions and selling features of SaaS is the financial gains, SaaS also helps to enhance and make for more efficient hotel operations.

How? Ultimately with SaaS solutions comes the advantage of mobility and with mobility SaaS solutions have simplified hotel operations hugely by enabling hoteliers the flexibility to efficiently run services and operations of their hotel remotely.

Flexibility: Unlike the traditional model of installing applications on desktops, cloud based SaaS solutions, such as the PMS allow hoteliers to access information on any device, anywhere, anytime.

With this, staff have the flexibility to access their hotel PMS 24/7/365 from wherever the workday takes them. Hoteliers can manage their properties, remotely, on the go, anytime, anywhere even if they are not physically on site; managers can view live performance, access key reports, monitor finances and reservations, make strategic decisions about rates adjustments and inventory and can react to hotel and market conditions in real time.

Staff can perform duties from anywhere on the property from processing service requests, orders, bookings and payments directly from a tablet or mobile device.

Such flexibility also helps to eliminate inefficiencies in guest interactions, like waiting in line at the front desk. Front office staff equipped with a mobile device, such as a table, have the flexibility to access and view all guest information and enhance the guest experience on-to-go. Staff are free to move around to service and interact with guests in a more casual, informal manner and assist them with their check-in, check-out, concierge services, and other transactional work without requiring them to wait in line at a front desk.

Increased Automation & Error Reduction: SaaS solutions also enable the total automation of repetitive tasks such as night auditing, reservation organization, inventory updating means it less likely for errors to occur while also helping to free up staff time allowing them to focus more of their time and attention towards the guest. Staff can assign certain tasks to specific employees and quickly communicate with other departments instantly and simultaneously through integrated mobile devices.

Improved Communication & Increased Productivity:  Staff equipped with mobile devices can work in real-time across departments. Staff can receive instant updates about tasks and update the status immediately, for example; working in sync with front of house, Housekeeping can access the PMS on go via smartphone or tablet and change the room status in a matter of seconds allowing for more efficient turnover of rooms and check-in service.

Staff can also use messaging systems to communicate directly with guests and also view requests and comments across the entire property and delegate more effectively.

All in all, SaaS hotel software provides hoteliers with the opportunity to enhance daily operations, enable their staff to work better and smarter and get ahead of the curve – all of which immediately elevate a hotel’s efficiency and perceived service level.

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