September 07 2016

[WEBINAR] Why Cloud Technology is a GAME CHANGER for Hospitality

The right hotel pos can benefit both interactions and costs.

Until recently,  hospitality technology has been old, cumbersome, and expensive – or so the conversation goes. But newer technologies are providing innovative solutions to IT headaches.  Solutions that are faster, less risky and far more affordable and cost-effective.

Hotels that have made the switch to Cloud technology are seeing a significant increase in monetary savings, greater operational efficiencies and the ability to deliver a more personalized service-leading to an increase in customer loyalty and guest satisfaction.

In this free webinar, learn about the innovative ways that cloud technology is enhancing hospitality operations with more efficiency, more reliability and greater connectivity between guest and staff.  Executives from StayNTouch, Lightspeed and Snapshot will discuss:

  1. Why it’s important for the hospitality industry to invest in cloud technology
  2. How Cloud Technology can improve operational efficiency for hospitality businesses
  3. The impact of data accessibility via cloud (access software anywhere with any device) for hotels and restaurants
  4. How hotels and restaurants can capitalize on the abundance of integrations made available through cloud systems
  5. How to choose the right cloud based technology solutions for your hotel or restaurantscreen_shot_2016-09-07_at_10-03-17_am