Why Giving Your Guests a Choice of Service is the New Luxury Experience

The concept of luxury is often associated with static and detached notions of service and aesthetics: think white-gloved wait staff, Victorian-era aesthetics, and five-star hotel ratings. But luxury, like beauty, is always found in the eye of the beholder. 

The point is that consumers want to be able to choose their own guest experience, and luxury is never a “one size fits all.”  The power of choice of service is that it allows guests to define their own version of luxury and craft their own guest experience. 

COVID-19 Has Changed the Game, But Not When it Comes to Promoting Choice

This is especially true in the post-COVID era. Prior to coronavirus, a contactless mobile check-in/out option was seen as a “nice to have” — now, it’s a necessity. In fact, Hilton recently conducted a study that found 71% of consumers worldwide are actively cleaning more themselves, both at home and as part of their routine. 

Additionally, numerous industry associations, including the U.S. Travel Association, the World Travel and Tourism Council, and the ALHA’s SafeStay Program recommend the use of mobile technology to promote social distancing and slow the spread of disease. 

The Future of Hotel Property Management Systems

By combining mobile check-in/out through a cloud-based PMS, a keyless entry system, digital payments, and mobile messaging, it is possible to create an entirely contactless guest experience.  But it is still important to offer people a choice on how they want to interact with the hotel and its staff. 

While travelers are generally becoming more conscious of hygiene and social distancing, they are not doing so at the same rates. According to the Morning Consult, 78% percent of Baby Boomers are “very concerned” about COVID (more than any other group), 87% of which are actively employing social distancing measures. While 76% of Millennials are also promoting social distancing, they are much more eager to travel and gain new and unique experiences, with many millennials choosing to take advantage of cheap flights, even as the pandemic began to spread in the early spring. 

A Mobile Hotel PMS System Lets Your Guests Craft Their Own Stay

The benefit of a mobile PMS is that you can allow your guests to choose how they want to interact with your property. For those guests who are tech-savvy or extremely health conscious, they can check-in or out directly through their mobile devices. 

A mobile PMS can also facilitate safe and convenient physical interactions with staff because it operates on a tablet. It allows your staff to personally service guests wherever they happen to be in the hotel — while also maintaining a hygienic level of social distancing. Coupled with a guest-facing smart-kiosk, travelers who decide to visit your property on a whim won’t have to wait in a long congested line to check-in at the front desk. Rather, they can quickly check-in at any number of strategically placed kiosks, while still having access to passing staff should any questions arise. There is a solution for every situation to serve all guests. 

Beyond a Contactless Check-in & Upgrades, Mobile PMS Solutions Can Change a Hotel Floor Plan!

Of course, mobility can provide travelers with choices in other areas as well. Guests can choose their check-in and check-out times, as well as any amenities or room upgrades, directly from their mobile device. It can also provide guests with more choices on how to utilize the hotel space. When lobbies are no longer dominated by a monolithic front-desk, they can be converted into spaces for socializing, eating, drinking, and co-working….at a safe distance. 

Make Your Hotel PMS System Mobile Today

COVID-19 has certainly made the world more conscious of hygiene, but it hasn’t changed the fact that a luxurious guest journey is ultimately a personalized guest journey facilitated by giving guests a choice in service. The requirements of social distancing do not mean that guests should be shunted into a “one-size-fits-all” experience. Hoteliers would be wise to invest in technology that promotes safety, while also giving guests the maximum ability to craft their own stay. 

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