Improving Your Hotel Marketing Efforts

It’s no secret that a primary focus of every hotelier is to increase their bookings. With the increasing amount of accommodation options available to consumers, it’s more important than ever for hotels to optimize their marketing efforts, online and off. This post will explore some of the most useful ways your hotel can more effectively reach potential customers and draw more guests to your doors.

Be Searchable

Today’s travelers start their journeys online. Trips that used to require travel agents can now be planned entirely from a mobile phone. A Google search is often the first step an aspiring traveler takes when researching their trip, so it’s essential for your hotel to be discoverable online. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, can be used to boost your Google rankings, and ensure that travelers find you when searching in your area. 

Target the Right Audience

Does your hotel cater to business travelers, or are you a boutique establishment procuring unique experiences for your guests? No matter who your target audience is, it’s essential to know them well. Research the latest trends that your target market is interested in and offer an experience that is uniquely catered to their travel needs and desires. Unless you’re promoting a rustic, throwback hotel experience, embracing technology trends such as mobile check-in and self-service kiosks are effective ways to target the modern, mobile traveler.

Allocate More Money Towards Your Marketing Budget During Peak Seasons

Your marketing efforts should not be flat all year round. They need to ebb and flow with the travel seasons in order to target the swells of potential guests coming through your location. Keep in mind that they’re likely booking their journeys well ahead of time, so your marketing budget should be expanded for some time before the peak season starts.


In order to stay competitive, your hotel needs to stand out. Incentives such as time-sensitive discounts allow you to make a mark on potential guests, even if you’re not dominating the local market. You can even offer rewards systems that give special rates or complementary benefits to your most loyal customers. Make your deals irresistible with customer incentives, and your bookings are sure to see a boost.

Market Your Surrounding Area

Local business in your area are always on the lookout for mutually beneficial partnerships. Local promotions can be a great way to make a mark on your city or town, and get people talking about your business. This can also include local contests and promotions that build hype and get people talking about your hotel brand. 

Make it Easier to Contact Your Front Desk

Nowadays, picking up the room phone and calling the front desk feels like an antiquated activity for many guests. Instead, open up the communication channels that customers have with your staff by using mobile chat and click-to-call features. Modern hotel property management systems such as StayNTouch integrate this connectivity directly into their platforms to make staying connected with guests easier than ever. 

Go Above and Beyond in Customer Service

Good hospitality is par for the course when it comes to the hotel industry. Consider what your business can do to be exceptional. Going above and beyond with your customer service will help you to earn positive online reviews and stand out from the competition. If you have a guest that has an issue with their stay, do everything you can to resolve it. Your entire staff should feel that customers come first and reflect this in their level of service. Inspire them to go above and beyond and see the results! 

Be Active on Social Platforms

Your social media presence serves as a key part of your brand identity. Staying active on social media means not only posting content regularly but also interacting with fellow users. Remember that responding to comments and sharing content from other pages is a public display of your hotel’s values and vision. Take care to curate content and replies that follow the best interests of your brand.

Refresh Your Website

Believe it or not, a great website experience can translate into a great hotel experience in the minds of your visitors. A website that is outdated shows that your business may not care about the details that differentiate an average hotel from an outstanding one. Make sure your webpages are responsive and intuitive to use and have all of the information site visitors may need about your hotel. It’s a good idea to include a “Frequently Asked Questions” section to cover the common inquiries surrounding your hotel. 

By employing these tips, your hotel is sure to have a stronger marketing presence, online and on the streets. When your marketing conveys how much your hotel is committed to customer satisfaction, you’ll find your rooms filling up faster. Enjoy saying, “Enjoy your stay!” 

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