How Mobile Cloud Systems Can Provide Flexibility to Your Staff

Digital transformation is sweeping over virtually every type of business in the world. The accommodation industry is no exception. Cloud-based tools allow hotel enterprises to be seamlessly managed remotely, expanding possibilities for managers, IT directors, and executives alike. Property Management Systems which utilize cloud technology also unlock a new level of scalability for hotel businesses looking to maximize their growth potential. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the ways that cloud technology is revolutionizing the hotel industry.

Manage from Any Device, Anywhere in the World

Hotel owners and managers no longer have to be tethered to the physical locations of their businesses in order to operate them effectively. Modern cloud-based property management systems such as StayNTouch allow you to access a full suite of property management tools on the go, from any device. Adjusting rates and availability can be done on the fly, and you can easily check the current status of your staff members. On top of that, advanced analytics give you insights into the direction your business is headed, so you can correct issues and make adjustments when the time is right.

Streamline Hotel Operations

Cloud-based property management systems have the power to connect every aspect of your hotel business, including housekeeping, IT, and occupancy management. For example, your housekeeping efficiency could see a major boost when housekeepers are notified automatically on their mobile devices when a visitor checks out. They can then digitally submit needs for repairs and improvements, which you’ll then be able to view alongside budget information and prioritize what needs to be done.

You can link the accounts payable and accounts receivable with all of your payment gateways and applications, making billing and handling commissions more efficient than ever. When you remove the barriers between getting staff the resources they need and allocating the funds on the back end, you’re contributing to a more efficient workforce that can get the job done right.

Easily Access Information

When your hotel information is stored on the cloud, your staff can easily access tools and data they need, whenever they need it. This helps to ensure that the latest data is being used and that your entire staff is on the same page. When your hotel business operates in this fashion, you also create a tighter web of security. Cloud-based property management platforms are known to employ the latest and best security practices, resulting in an online environment that your staff can be confident about using.

Address Issues Quickly

When an issue within your hotel arises, being able to act on it swiftly and efficiently can make all the difference to staff and customer satisfaction. Mobile alerts can be used to draw attention to situations within the hotel quickly, and route the appropriate staff in that direction. Since your off-site management staff can be instantly connected with your on-site employees, your hotel can maintain a constant sense of connectivity within every level of the enterprise.

Employee-Friendly Interfaces

When you upgrade your property management system to a cloud-based platform, your employees gain access to the latest developments in user experience. That means that their interactions with your company software are intuitive and easy to operate. This can go a long way in creating happy employees, as few things are more frustrating than a clunky user interface. Nothing should stand between your staff and their ability to get the job done right, and modern cloud-based business software can give a boost to both employee productivity and satisfaction.

Cloud Transitioning: Smart for Business

Migrating your hotel business to the cloud can benefit employees at every level of your operation. The enhanced scalability that cloud-based platforms offer helps your business grow to its full potential. As your business grows, you’ll be able to take on more staff and alleviate your existing employees. The end result is a better hotel operation, from the ground up.

The StayNTouch Cloud PMS property management system enables hoteliers to make the most of their business enterprises and offer a better hotel experience for customers and employees alike. Improved hotel management capabilities are just one of the benefits that a cloud-based system brings to your brand. You can also offer a more streamlined and fun customer experience with features such as mobile check-in and self-service kiosks.

One thing is clear: cloud technology is here to stay. Ditch the legacy software and outdated bookkeeping practices — bring on the cloud, and your hotel business will be sure to benefit.

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