January 10 2013

Hotels 2013 Future Trends

This is an important year for touch, mobile and social. Hotels will offer their own social network, a place where guests and staff can exchange relevant and useful information, events and other things amongst each other. I could not agree more with the following 2 trend predictions from www.boutiquehotelnews.com

Social engagement: The major social platforms will continue to dominate guests’ time spent online, but hotel brands will become more focused on creating campaigns that engage the consumer based on their interests and passions-as opposed to which social network they prefer. For an increasing number of hoteliers, fostering social behavior ‘future platforms unknown’ -not a large Facebook community-will equate success, enabling hoteliers to focus on the story they want to tell, rather than worrying about the constraints of current social media platforms.

Interactive mobile fingerprints: Smartphones will continue to take over the universe as technology is infused into them to become encyclopedias, keys, wallets,  light and temperature dial operators and more -. Soon, they’ll morph into interactive fingerprints that constitute unique identity for guests providing a more seamless and enjoyable guest experience.