You have changed.
That is why we do what we do, and this is what we believe...

Our digital life has profoundly impacted
our expectations of everything.

The digital transformation of our culture has changed our expectations about everything we encounter. Look at the way you interact with people, consume information, purchase goods and services etc. Everything is immediate and personalized.

Entire industries, such as retail, telecommunications and media, have completely transformed in response. But, unfortunately, the common hotel experience looks very much like it did 20 years ago.

That’s why we have a vision for helping hotels to align their service model with our new, digital lives. To be competitive in today‘s marketplace, we believe you need to free yourself from traditional assumptions about hotel operations.

Our vision is to bring mobility to hotel staff and guests to create a truly guest-centric experience that aligns with your guests’ lives and makes your hotel business more successful.

People think about hotels differently now.

Notions of the ideal guest experience have changed. How will you respond?

The ‘New Concept’ Effect

The biggest trend? New hotel concepts that re-think the idea of lodging. Modern cabins, luxury motels, communal work/play residential hotels. You name it. And they are successful because guests are looking for a new hotel experience.

The Airbnb Effect

There is no hotel staff and no front desk. Yet people love to stay there because they have tapped into what guests really value – an efficient, easy, authentic and personalized lodging experience facilitated by better technology and communications.

The TripAdvisor Effect

Nobody cares if your hotel is 3-star,4-star or 5-star. They ignore the word “luxury.” They simply won’t take your word for it anymore. They DO care about the experience others have had. Want to drive more business? Re-think the guest experience at your hotel.

Mobility is the key to your success.

  • Mobility means having the flexibility to be anywhere.
  • Mobility means being closer to your guest to deliver better service.
  • Mobility means the guest is in control of their stay.

Your PMS should be more like your phone.

  • Totally mobile
  • Pre-loaded with killer apps
  • New features added regularly
  • Best-of-breed 3rd party apps
  • Easy to use & maintain
  • Always in your back pocket
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See how StayNtouch’s Cloud PMS, Guest Mobility, and Guest Kiosk solutions deliver better results for hotels through better front & back of house communication, increased mobile touch-points, more revenue and operational efficiency, and unlimited interfaces.

Your demo will include how to:

Manage and Set Tasks Across Your Departments

Ensure Guest Satisfaction & Safety With Contactless Check-in Options

Automate Easy Upsells & Monetized Early/Late Checkouts

Set & Manage Rates/Availability

Integrate With Tools and Platforms Essential to Your Hotel

And More!

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