November 18 2013
Posted in: Self service

Forbes Article asks…Why do I have to “Learn” Enterprise Software?

Last week, I wrote about how generally speaking, today’s hotel enterprise technology technology is clunky. Without much attention toward usability and design, today’s Property Management Systems require tons of training (upfront and ongoing) and require the front desk staff to focus an inordinate amount of time on the system rather than the guest during the check-in process. With so many examples of how well designed, functional and efficient software pays big business benefits, why haven’t today’s hotel technology providers dedicated the resources to fix this well acknowledged industry problem?

Over the weekend, I came across an article on that asks the same question in a broader context. Some of my favorite notes/quotes are as follows…

  • “If people spend so much of their day using these enterprise software products, why are they so ugly?”

  • “Apple has proven that well-designed products are loved by their users and even worshipped in certain circumstances.”

  • “In my view, the “consumerization of the enterprise” has just begun. The expectation users have when working nine to five will be that software interfaces are designed to make them more productive.”

Click here to read more…its a great article. Enjoy!