[Webinar] Rover Enhancements v5.22:

Dashboards Reinvented, Group Shoulder Dates, & More!

Thursday, April 9th | 1pm EST/ 5pm GMT


Discover the latest enhancements to Rover in Rover Product Enhancements v5.22: Dashboards Reinvented, Group Shoulder Dates, & More! This presentation will cover product enhancements in Rover v5.22, including:

  • Room features and preferences filters added to Nightly Diary; ​
  • The warning message added when changing a child rate from one parent rate to another; ​
  • Changes to room type overbook popup; ​
  • The addition of the Forecast Report to scheduled reports; ​
  • Activity log records for adding billing group instructions for a group; ​
  • The addition of group shoulder dates; ​
  • Updates to “Open New Bill After EOD” toggle;​
  • The ability to force an adjustment reason; and
  • he addition of dashboards for Housekeeping, Front Desk, and Managers.

The live presentation will be followed by a short Q&A session. Sign up today! 


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Chris Devlin

Chris Devlin Passionate about both human and computer language, Christopher is an implementation consultant who listens to hoteliers' needs and goals to implement the best solutions for a frictionless operation.

“As we develop future projects, we will continue to innovate on the guest experience ... We have been impressed with StayNTouch’s commitment to supporting new hotel concepts in both front and back of house operations.”

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