[Webinar] Rover Enhancements v5.17:

New Group Features, Add-On Advancements, & More!

Thursday, January 30th | 11am ET/ 4pm GMT


Discover the latest enhancements to Rover in Rover Product Enhancements v5.17: New Group Features, Add-On Advancements, & More! This presentation will cover product enhancements in Rover v5.17, including:

  • Continued expansions to the contracts module; 
  • Changes to guest card search;  
  • New group borrow from house functionality; 
  • Filters added to group search; 
  • The addition of payment date on the group summary tab;  
  • Improvements to custom exports data spaces; 
  • Additional delivery options added to scheduled reports and exports; 
  • The addition of the MTD label on the Rover Dashboard; and
  • How to select a date range for add-ons.

The live presentation will be followed by a short Q&A session. Sign up today!



Tyrus McGlone

As an Implementations Consultant at StayNTouch, Tyrus is responsible for onboarding new hotels and staff training. Tyrus assist hoteliers in fully maximizing Rover PMS and Zest Station to achieve greater returns.

“As we develop future projects, we will continue to innovate on the guest experience ... We have been impressed with StayNTouch’s commitment to supporting new hotel concepts in both front and back of house operations.”

Christian Strobel

President at Bunkhouse Group

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