Product Description

The Channel Manager by SiteMinder gives you incomparable reach and visibility online. It’s why more than 105m bookings pass through every year to provide over USD35b in hotel revenue.

Why This integration?

Every booking is made by guests using one of the 400+ distribution channels we connect to, sent instantly to one of the 300+ leading property management systems (PMSs) used by our hotel customers to avoid overbooking, generating data to power one of the 100+ trusted apps as part of our Hotel App Store.

Who Uses This?

We work with every accommodation provider, from B&Bs to multinational chains.

Key Features

  • Maximise your occupancy by advertising on as many hotel sales channels you like for no extra cost
  • List all your rooms and have availability updated on all your channels – at the same time – thanks to our pooled inventory model
  • Maximise your occupancy while keeping commissions low and making sure you’re never overbooked, using yield rules and stop sell
  • Showcase your best photos and rooms information on channels, to attract more guests and increase your conversions
  • Sell in multiple currencies on channels to localise your hotel property
  • Set the minimum number of days a booking can be made, or a discounted rate can be selected, prior to your guests’ arrival
  • Detailed channel and performance reports with Insights, so you can identify booking trends and make smarter pricing and distribution decisions
  • Discover which booking channels are working the hardest for your property
  • Always know your pick up and year-on-year reservation performance to optimise your peaks and bring more business in the low season

Choose A Room

Product Description:

Choose A Room provides a personalized visualized experience, allowing guests to select their own hotel room before check-in.

This standalone Responsive application also allows the customer to fill out their registration data in advance, so that a complete contactless check-in is possible. 

Benefits to Customer:

  • Higher customer satisfaction due to the option of being able to select your preferred room in advance and less waiting time at check-in
  • Less effort and costs at check-in due to digital recording
    of registration data, selection of rooms in advance 
  • Upsell to higher room category, Addons 
  • Differentiated room pricing 
  • Upsell on advance reservation 
  • Fully connected to your PMS System
  • Parallel operation of current Checkin and Choose a
    room possible


Product Description:

IDeaS has been an industry trailblazer for decades, transforming hotel profitability and performance by delivering increasingly powerful innovations. We offer a modern technology framework for revenue optimization and productivity improvement. From leading hotel chains to independent properties, our clients trust IDeaS to deliver profitable pricing decisions every day.

Benefit to Customer:

Utilize accurate forecasts and distribute optimal pricing and revenue management decisions. Capture your most valuable business and make an immediate positive impact on revenue and profitability. Automate granular data analysis, forecasting, pricing and controls to allow you to focus on strategy. Automate granular data analysis, forecasting, pricing and controls to allow you to focus on strategy. Automate granular data analysis, forecasting, pricing and controls to allow you to focus on strategy.


Product Description:

Gain unprecedented insight into customer segments, leverage that data to manage demand proactively, protect room inventory for your most valuable guests and drive total revenue with Rainmaker’s GuestRev.

Information Exchange:

2-Way, Push Base Model

Benefit to Customer:

Forecast demand accurately and at the finest level of granularity and detect unexpected events or anomalous demand patterns that are often missed by human analysis. Determine room rates for all future stay nights, while ensuring room availability for your most valued guests and provide users with insight into how the system arrived at its decisions, with new, intuitive user experience. Strategically align sales and marketing efforts and track effectiveness


Product Description:

Duetto provides powerful Revenue Strategy solutions for hotels and casinos, delivering unique insights on pricing, demand and business mix through cloud-based applications – generating the highest ROI in the industry. Its GameChanger platform combines predictive analytics and a powerful rate-setting engine, enabling properties to leverage the breakthrough practices of Open Pricing and Personalized Loyalty Pricing. Scoreboard, Duetto’s Revenue Intelligence application, makes hotels more efficient and strategic by turning their performance and forecast data into actionable insights and allowing greater real-time collaboration.

Information Exchange

2-Way, Push Base Model


Product Description:

Cubulis is a Stardekk product. The Cubulis channel and booking engine offer an alternative choice to those hotels in the Scandic portion of Europe that are looking for an alternative to Siteminder. Their traditional target market has been the smaller less complex hotels. The Cubulis Channel manager has a number of OTA’s as well as regional FIT providers. Their booking engine is an additional service which does a similar service as Siteminder’s booking app.

Information Exchange

2-Way, Push Base Model
Rover pushes ARI to Cubulis
Rover receives reservations
Rover sends create, modify or cancel

Benefit to Customer:

A good alternative channel manager to Siteminder if you are in the Scandic region. Not known well in other parts of the world.


Product Description:

Infrasys is a cloud based enterprise level POS platform built especially for hotels. The rich capability of the platform allows for busy restaurants to monitor their orders as well as keep tab on inventories and costs. Chain level reporting enables groups/management companies to track the information they need to improve upon service and profit.

Easily deployable to a single hotel or a chain of 1,000+ the Infrasys platform is backed by Shiji’s service commitment and on going support.

Information Exchange
1 Way
can look up a room and post charge

Benefit to Customer:

The Infrasys POS platform is designed with group/chain business. The multi-unit reporting capabilities allow customers to truly understand behaviors across properties and regions.

The interconnectivity between the Shiji Group platforms will continue to enhance guest service, efficiency and profitability


Product Description:

Lightspeed offers a leading POS platform for the independent hotelier. Their iPad powered POS system is feature rich for a single restaurant and offers capabilities such as “self service” ordering via a tablet or a enabling the wait staff to put orders in directly at a table using a tablet.

The Lightspeed POS platform offers a cloud database with offline mode in case internet is loss. This capability makes the POS extremely flexible and easy to use anywhere you are.

Information Exchange
1 Way

Supported features:
*Posting of Charges to Guest room or house account
*Map items from Charges on multiple levels (Single outlet by Product or Category, Multiple outlets (Floors) by Product or Category)
*Import of Non Room Charge transactions as part of End of Day
*Non room payment methods can be broken out to different Accounts (Cash to one account, Credit Cards to a different account, etc)
*Standard Tip / Gratuity code across all outlets
*Guest Look up by Room or Name

Not Supported:
*Editing of finalized charges
*Splitting bill between multiple rooms or accounts
*Taxes do not flow from Lightspeed. Rover Charge codes need approprirate tax codes set as generated items

Benefit to Customer:

Lightspeed provides a good platform at an extremely affordable price point. They are device agnostic so will run on various tablets and printers. While the system works extremely well for a hotel with a couple outlets it does not have full featured functionality for multi-property reporting.

This system is best used by a hotel that wants to have an easy cloud based POS platform with PMS integration at an affordable price point.