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March 11, 2020

StayNTouch Remains Committed to Customers and Growth After Trump Administration’s Order

On Friday, March 6th an executive order was issued by President Trump ordering StayNTouch’s parent company, ShijiGroup, to divest from StayNTouch. Although we disagree with the executive order, we will fully comply in a way that will not disrupt the business or operations of StayNTouch or StayNTouch customers.

Despite Shiji’s full cooperation and best efforts to assure the government otherwise, the U.S. Government has cited Shiji’s potential access to StayNTouch guest data as a threat to national security. Shiji does NOT and has never accessed the guest data of StayNTouch customers–period. Shiji offered a range of significant proposals to mitigate any concerns the U.S. Government might have, including further restricting access to guest data and appointing an independent monitor to ensure these protections. Unfortunately, these proposals were not accepted.

StayNTouch has grown tremendously as a product and a business over the past 18 months, nearly doubling the number of hotel properties in our portfolio. We fully intend to continue that growth and further cement StayNTouch as a leading Hotel PMS provider in the industry. Although StayNTouch has been a subsidiary of Shiji, we have always maintained legal and operational independence from our parent company. This remains true for our operations, processes, system development, roadmap, and all other structural elements of our business.

We will remain fully committed to providing all of our customers with the StayNTouch standard of service including 24×7 support, a fully dedicated customer success champion, and an always-current product resource hub. We will also continue to develop our product roadmap and are excited to release a number of innovative new features in the coming weeks.

Although we will be going through another acquisition, we remain committed to the success of StayNTouch and will continue to ensure that our customers’ business, operations, and experience with the StayNTouch PMS are fully supported.

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