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Our Mission

True hospitality is unburdened; it amplifies the guest experience and welcomes without barriers. Your hotel PMS should do the same, empowering your staff to deliver exceptional service, empowering your guests to take control of their own experience, and empowering you with the flexibility to manage and operate your hotel and deliver any experience you dream up. Welcome to the Guest-Centric Mobile PMS.

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stayntouch PMS

Break free from the front desk and discover a fully featured, guest-centric mobile PMS. intouch PMS has everything you need to streamline operations, drive revenue, and enhance the guest experience

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stayntouch Kiosk

Reimagine your guests’ welcome and departure experience! Give guests the option of checking in through a smart kiosk designed to fit your brand’s standards and streamline the guest check-in and check-out journey.

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Helping Hotels Deliver Hospitality, Unburdened

Empowering Owners

Maximize ROI with a flexible PMS that lets you redefine asset management and monetize every hour of the day using hourly rates and day use functionality. With intouch PMS, you can drive ancillary revenue with upsell offers sent directly to your guest’s mobile phone and turn your PMS from a cost-center to a revenue generator.

Empowering Guests

Optimize your guest experience. intouch PMS delivers the power of choice to your guests: Whether they want to go straight to their room with a fully contactless mobile experience, or enjoy tea in the lobby while exploring room options on a tablet with a friendly hotelier. Any guest experience you can dream up, we can enable!

Empowering Staff

Expand your hotel’s talent pool with the easiest to use and easiest to train on PMS platform on the market. Our on-boarding period is under three days, so your new hires can immediately focus on delivering hospitality. And with intouch PMS’ colorful and intuitive UI, your staff will spend less time navigating technology, and more time serving your guests.

Customer Case Study

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A Native Cloud & Mobile Hotel Property
Management Software


Enhanced staff productivity & guest engagement.


Unburdened asset management & automated upsell revenue.


A fast, secure, and reliable cloud PMS.


Central command from a tablet or mobile device.


Unlimited interfaces at no extra cost.


Remote install, easy training , simple pricing.

What Our Customers Are Saying
“We bring an unprecedented level of personalized service to our guests, letting them design their hotel experience. Our mobile PMS lets us serve guests wherever they would like to interact with us, in ways that give them complete freedom of choice.”
Marco lemmers
What Our Customers Are Saying
“There are many elements that convinced us to choose Stayntouch for our full portfolio. First was the ease of configuration for its cloud-based interface, which allows our staff to intuitively manage our properties, easily apply rates and restrictions, and creatively sell amenities.... In addition, the ability to merge guest profiles and manage group bookings, easily access their library of open-APIs [and 1100+ integrations], and efficiently scale our technology stack”
Ingrid Boutabba
Chief Operating Officer at Okko Hotels
What Our Customers Are Saying
“Design Hotels caters to a savvy, creative set of travelers—and each of our hotels are a reflection of that. The reason we love this collaboration with stayntouch is that we can offer our hotels innovative contactless technology and a cloud PMS that supports maximum operational flexibility, scalability, cost-efficiency, and a smoother guest experience. ”
Christian Malcher,
Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations at Design Hotels
What Our Customers Are Saying
“Our former PMS was very challenging to use. When checking guests in, the staff could never raise their heads to look the guest in the eye because of all the screens that they had to click through. With [StayNTouch] our new mobile PMS, the process takes far fewer steps, and has enhanced our entire welcome and check-in experience. ”
What Our Customers Are Saying
“Stayntouch is an ideal option to help many of our members facilitate a lean and highly-efficient operation. Each one of our member hotels offers their guests an entirely unique experience, so they need technology that is flexible in delivering on their individual visions. Stayntouch’s simplified open-API architecture and their commitment to building a strong integration ecosystem makes it easy for our member hotels to grow their technology stack more strategically.”
Austin Segal
Vice President of Curator Hotel & Resort Collection
What Our Customers Are Saying
“We were looking for a cloud PMS that was guest-centric, mobile and flexible, to enable our staff to serve guests beyond the front desk and across the property. The ability for our staff to serve guests freely with a tablet and EMV device in hand, has been essential in reducing congestion in our lobbies and maintaining a sense of casual luxury where great service doesn’t force the guest to wait in line.”
Atit Jariwala
CEO and Founder of Bridgeton Holdings
What Our Customers Are Saying
“In the beginning, we used an older PMS system that was not cloud-based. There were always technical problems that were difficult to resolve and frequently disrupted the flow of service. With Stayntouch, we found a cloud-based and flexible PMS that was robust, unfailingly reliable, and incredibly easy to set up and use 一 really, an ideal choice for an independent boutique hotel.”
Dirk Raufeisen
Director at Hotel Belle Epoque
What Our Customers Are Saying
“Having a mobile and flexible PMS platform enables staff to be more efficient with day-to-day tasks, and ultimately put more focus on delivering better service to the guest. We also love the ability to drive room upgrades and ancillary revenue with automated triggers”
Vibhu Gaind
Chief Information Officer at RBH
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