September 19 2013
Posted in: Self service

The Entire Mobile Guest Journey

As a follow up to our post from earlier this week “Hotel Guest Apps, It’s time!” here is a good story about one large hotel chain embracing a mobile guest app strategy. According to Mr. Keen (Director of Mobile Solutions at IHG), mobile is more than just a new medium, it is a way to interact with guests at every stage of their purchasing cycle and hotel experience. IHG looks at the entire mobile guest journey, including search, shop and compare, booking and confirmation, pre-stay planning, market and property arrival and stay and departure. (quoted in: Mobile Commerce Daily 9/16/2013).

One interesting statistic, five times as many users access mobile apps to view a current reservation as opposed to making a new booking,… now there is a service and up sell opportunity! read the entire story on Mobile Commerce Daily.