June 30 2020
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Glamping Resort Masters Mobile PMS Technology and Capitalizes on Local Travel

Sierra Meadows offers a lodging experience like none other. Located in the majestic Yosemite Valley in central California, this 1,300-acre property boasts a long and rich history, being home to the Miwok Native American tribe, an 1860s cattle rancher, and a luxurious,18-hole golf course. Today, Sierra Meadows presents itself as a “funky glamping resort,” complete with 140 acres of idyllic meadows, hiking and biking trails, a luxurious pool, large scale sculptures, and artwork hidden throughout the paths of the old golf course. 

Sierra Meadows utilizes a mobile PMS and mobile check-in technology to create a unique “glamping-style” layout, where almost all of the common areas are located outdoors. Not only did this forward-thinking design bring its guests closer to nature, but it proved to be uniquely suited to the social distancing requirements of the COVID-19 era.  

Contactless Tech Lets Guests Connect with Nature While Enjoying a More Hygenic Experience

As Reid Spice, COO of Sierra Meadows, explains:

The main shared space is our swimming pool which is limited to 25 guests, two hours max if guests are waiting, and chairs & loungers grouped together in pods. Ten of our micro cabins use a shared bathroom facility, so we are only renting two of those at the moment so that one has exclusive use of the men’s bathroom and the other is assigned the women’s.” Additionally, because all of the rental units at Sierra Meadows are freestanding structures, they do not share any common spaces or HVAC equipment, providing a strong natural barrier to the spread of germs. 

Sierra Meadows uses a mobile PMS, combined with keyless entry, to create an end-to-end contactless mobile check-in process. Spice elaborates: 

We have been using the StayNTouch integration with Oracode/Kaba locks for over a year now which was a huge advantage when we reopened because we had already fine tuned the flow for guests. StayNTouch’s Cloud PMS auto charges the deposit 14 days before arrival and the balance the morning of arrival, so all of our guests have paid in full before they even set foot on the property.

The result of this emphasis on contactless technology is that virtually all of their check-ins and check-outs are now completed online — enhancing both the safety and convenience of the guest experience. 

Mobile Hotel Tech and Enhanced Hygiene Help Capitalize on the Shift to Local and Rural Travel

Sierra Meadows is extraordinarily careful about wiping down anything a guest can potentially touch, and airing out each cabin for at least 45 minutes before housekeeping enters (with all ceiling and exhaust fans turned on). The property places a heavy focus on wearing masks, gloves, and washing hands for staff. They have also communicated their new standards and policies to staff and guests through multiple mediums, including on their web page, physical signages around the hotel, and through frequent verbal interactions. 

Focusing on contactless technology and enhanced hygiene procedures have positioned Sierra Meadows to capitalize on the dramatic shift towards more local and rural travel in the post-COVID era. “We are currently open and have seen a huge wave of regional bookings now that Yosemite National Park has opened,” Spice said, “Our guests right now are almost 100% California residents and we expect that to more or less continue for the coming 12 months.” 

Make Your PMS Technology Contactless Today

See how other hotels around the globe are putting guests first not only adhering to local COVID 19 guidelines and recommendations but by implementing contactless mobile check-in, self-service stations, and easy mobile hotel PMS technology.

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