October 10 2013
Posted in: Self service

Mobile Payments and Hotels?

Mobile payments.“It’s happening now in all kinds of businesses, and it’s something we in the hotel industry need to be aware of,” said Jeffrey Stephen Parker, VP of technology for Stout Street Hospitality. “The hardware is not ready for full hotel operations, particularly in terms of replacing (property management systems), but one day it will get there.” (www.hotelnewsnow.com, October 3rd 2013)

Last week we talked about ways for hotels to boost sales in our post “Can Hotels Boost Sales with Mobile?”. Here is an interesting read about how mobile payments can help hotels boost extra sales through offering mobile payment options. It’s an ideal option for coffee shops, pools and other remote Food & Beverage Outlets….read more in “Mobile payment has hotel applications”(www.hotelnewsnow.com)