October 17 2013
Posted in: Self service

Connecting with your Guest through Social Media Can Increase Spend

Hotels are working hard to make a connection with their guests. Traditionally this is done in person, but more and more connections are achieved through social media and mobile. Guests on the other hand will likely remember their stay as a great experience (and recommend it to others or return), when during their stay there is a warm connection with the hotel staff. Today that does not only have to be an in person connection, more and more people connect and remain loyal through mobile and social media.

“Thompson Hotels found that guests who were also ‘fans’ on social media spend about 35% more during their stays than guests who were not. These visitors also booked directly through the hotel website, circumventing fees charged by 3rd party booking companies.” (from Smart Insights,”Integrating social media marketing within service industry”, October 11th 2013.

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